The COP Collective are a grassroots group of Glasgow citizens that are concerned about climate change.

We aim to use our combined skills and knowledge to help those that are taking action to help against the crisis, as the COP26 comes to Glasgow in November 2020.

Our site provides up-to-date information on positive work being done in Glasgow and worldwide, both within the conference and on the fringe. Our work makes important climate information understandable by everybody, and gives voice to those that may not otherwise be heard.

If you are planning to visit Glasgow this year to work against climate change in any way, then our site could help you to find accommodation, contacts, and connections. If you are looking for events or groups in the city that are working to tackle the crisis, we will list them here. Most importantly, the COP Collective know Glasgow - it’s people, places and unique points of view - and are committed to connecting the city to the conference.


Please send your message to GlasgowCOPCollective. We will reply as soon as possible!